The Idaho LWC is pleased to announce Brandon Ober as its next Featured Athlete.  This 17 year old holds 10 Idaho State Records in the Youth and Youth 14-15 divisions and is just coming off of an impressive performance at the American Open Series I in Columbus, Ohio.  

Brandon has been weightlifting for 4 years.  Prior to being introduced to weightlifting, Brandon's sport of choice was wrestling.  Outside of weightlifting Brandon is very active and likes to snowboard, backpack, hunt, and fly fish.  His favorite quote comes from a former coach in response to Brandon complaining about volume.

Drink a tall glass of shut the f*** up and do the lift.

Brandon is a junior at Nampa High School and has plans on becoming a flight surgeon or Air Force Special Operations Command's pararescuemen.  Brandon's favorite lift to train and compete in is the snatch as this is his strength.  He says "the snatch sets the tone for the next five lifts."  During training he likes to listen to country music even though his training partners don't like it very much.     

The Idaho LWC thinks Brandon embodies the spirit of Idaho.  He is hardworking and a great example for other youth weightlifting athletes.  We are proud of all he brings to the sport of weightlifting in Idaho.    




Snake River Weightlifting is located in Nampa, Idaho. 

Snake River Weightlifting is located in Nampa, Idaho.