The 2017 Idaho State Weightlifting Championship

On Saturday, October 28th in Nampa, 62 athletes from all over Idaho competed in one of the most memorable State Championships to date.  The Idaho LWC awarded $1000 in cash to the top 3 male and female athletes based on Sinclair.   Kevin Wexler (105 KG) 123/154/277, Verdant Barbell, and Christie Goodrich (53 KG) 69/84/153, Boise Barbell, walked away with 1st place and $250.  Matt Martin (94 KG) 112/142/254, Unattached, and Shay Carlock (90 KG) 85/115/200, Heart and Barbell Club, earned 2nd place and $150 with 3rd place going to Jordan Becker (77 KG) 103/127/230, Boise Barbell, and Catie Bristow (53 KG) 62/80/142, Fireside Barbell, $100.  The Idaho LWC wants to congratulate all of the athletes who entered the arena and competed on Saturday.

Men's Team Champions-Boise Barbell

Dylan Clagg

Tyson Hymas

Jordan Becker

Andreas Bueno

Kyle Young

Men's Team Champions - Heart and Barbell

Alexander Cazier

Ethan Jolley

Vincent Russo

Tyler Carlock

Women's Team Champions - Boise Barbell

Christie Goodrich

Chrisie Paiz

Kelli Weight

Dalia Mellish-Santos

Deb Hanscom

Best Lifter Honors

Senior - Kevin Wexler/Christie Goodrich

Masters - Tony Ober/Kelli Weight

Youth - Tyler Carlock/Shay Carlock

Junior - Connor Halsey

Top Male and Female Athletes

The top three male and female athletes in each weight class were awarded engraved medals.

48 KG - 1st Caroline Merritt/2nd Skotlynd Cagle

53 KG - 1st Christie Goodrich/2nd Catie Bristow/3rd Emily Goldner-Morgan

58 KG - 1st Leah Noland/2nd Rylie Krahn/3rd Amanda Long

63 KG - 1st Chrisie Paiz/2nd Skylar Wensel/3rd Lauren Berger

69 KG - 1st Kelli Weight/2nd Cecilia Duenas/3rd Heather Case

75 KG - 1st Meliss Matthews/2nd Dalia Mellish-Santos/3rd Adriann Romero

90 KG - 1st Shay Carlock/2nd Carly Bock/3rd Rachel Williams

+90KG - 1st Deb Hanscom/2nd Shelly Lucas/3rd Alex Behrend

56 KG - 1st Connor Burback/2nd Alexander Cazier/3rd Ethan Lynn

62 KG - 1st Vincent Russo/2nd Ethan Jolley

69 KG - 1st Connor Davis

77 KG - 1st Jordan Becker/2nd Parker Knight/3rd Brandon Ober

85 KG - 1st Tyson Hymas/2nd Kyle Young/3rd Jake Crist

94 KG - 1st Matt Martin/2nd Dylan Clagg/3rd Tyler Carlock

105 KG - 1st Kevin Wexler/2nd Terence Woods/3rd Neil Skorka

+105 KG - 1st Connor Halsey/2nd Quenten Weeks/3rd Paul Eichenlaub

This marked the last official State Championships for Conroy, the president of the Idaho LWC, and the "Founding Father" of weightlifting as a sport in the state of Idaho.  Since 1983, Conroy has been involved in the State Championships so the Board of Directors felt it was necessary to honor him in a brief tribute between the Women's B and A sessions.  Brian Nielsen, Conroy's 1st National Champion and gold medal winner at the AAU Junior Olympic Games, presented Conroy with our Legacy Award.  Many of Conroy's former athletes contributed kind words regarding their time with Conroy and Lani Sosnowski's words were read as an introduction to this video tribute.

I first met Con when I was going into the 8th grade, through my dad, who thought lifting would help me with my strength and speed for shot put and discus. My first training session was with Con, Kayla Dial, and Tyler (T-dog) Dalling, in an old bus shed in Meridian, ID. I admit, I started training to make my dad happy, but that quickly changed because lifting made me happy. I enjoyed it more than any other sport I had ever tried. Conroy’s enthusiasm for the sport (coupled with his constant cynicism and sarcasm for everything), made every training something I looked forward to. The excitement of a successful lift or the disappointment of a miss during competition was always evident on his face, but it’s what made having him as my coach so great. In the pressure of competition, he was feeling exactly what we were. He would rarely sugar coat anything. If you made a rookie mistake, he would tell you to pull your head out of your ass and do what we had been trained to do. Lift. His training, coaching, and his patience has translated throughout my adult life. If it weren’t for Conroy, Idaho wouldn’t have such an amazing sport and I wouldn’t have some of my best memories. I know you’re going to balk at having all these “touching stories,” but just accept it. You’ve brought a lot of great memories and a great sport to so many of us. Thank you Con. For everything.
— Lani Sosnowski