Idaho LWC Releases New State Record Standards

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The Idaho LWC has posted the Idaho State Records standards for the 10 new weight classes which will go into effect in September 2018 to coincide with AO3.  The old state records will still be visible on the website and can be found under Archived State Records.  

The following guidelines were used in determining what the new standards would be:

  • If the new weight class was heavier than the old weight class the current record was kept.  This rule was kept for all three divisions and the two youth sub groups with the exceptions listed below.
  • In the open division, the 45kg/81kg weight classes for women and the 73kg/102kg weight classes for men were set using 95% of the QT for the AO Finals.  
  • In the junior and youth divisions, the 40kg/45kg/81+kg for women and the 73kg for men were set using the QT for the American Open Series.
  • The Masters State Records will be filled as they are presented.  If there was an existing record and the new weight class was heavier than the old, the old record was kept.
  • For the two youth sub groups (U13 and 14-15 years old) there were 11 weight class vacancies between the two groups so the old Idaho Standard was rolled over and adjusted for the new weight class structure. 

The Idaho LWC looks forward to seeing new names and some old favorites populate the records in the coming months.  Remember to submit your records within 60 days of your competition through our website.  If you have or will compete in a National competition, make sure to send your name, weight class, competition and date, and the place you received via our Contact page so we can add you to our Hall of Champions.

Send questions, comments, or concerns regarding the new state records to