The 2019 Idaho State Weightlifting Championships

McCollough went 148/165/313 for a big day at the Idaho State Championships.

On Saturday, October 5th in Meridian, 47 athletes from all over the state of Idaho entered into the arena and competed in the Idaho State Championships held in the White Cloud Auditorium (the old DSC). The Idaho LWC awarded $1700 in cash to the top three (3) male and female athletes based on Sinclair. Elijah McCollough (109+KG) 148/165/313 out of Crown Barbell and Christie Goodrich (55KG) 64/76/140 of Boise Barbell walked away with 1st Place and $500. Elijah and Christie also took home Best Senior Male/Female Lifter honors. Elijah McCollough had a commanding performance today, qualifying for the 2019 American Open Finals this December in SLC and the 2020 National Championships in Chicago, IL.

Chris Uberuaga (89KG) 106/121/227 of Fireside Barbell and Courtney Yamada-Anderson (49KG) 56/72/128 of Crown Barbell took 2nd Place and earned $250 with 3rd Place going to Kevin Wexler (96KG) 125/150/275 of Verdant and Leah Noland (55KG) 65/76/141 of Fireside Barbell, $100. Chris Uberuaga and Nicki Bauer (64KG) 66/74/140 took home Best Male/Female Masters Lifters.

The Idaho LWC Board of Directors (Ben Bristow, Dan Fischer, and Alison Ruoff) vote each year post competition on one athlete to receive The Idaho LWC Champion Award. This is the athlete whose performance is inspiring and who embodies the spirit of what makes a great weightlifter. Courtney Yamada-Anderson was chosen as the 2019 recipient of our Champion Award and the LWC salutes all that she brings to the sport of weightlifting.

Men’s Team Champions - Fireside Elite Barbell Club

Derek Andreason

Jeff Templeton

Jacob Cluff

Chris Uberuaga

Daniel Turnbull

Brandon Hill

Women’s Team Champions - Fireside Elite Barbell Club

Caroline Merritt

Amber Jones

Leah Noland

Leslie Esquivel

Shea Moyer

Nicki Bauer

Top Male and Female Athletes

The top three male and female athletes in each weight class were awarded engraved medals.

49Kg - 1st Courtney Yamada-Anderson/2nd Amber Jones/3rd Caroline Merritt

55KG - 1st Leah Noland/2nd Christie Goodrich/3rd Raela Mink

59KG - 1st Shea Moyer/2nd Jennifer Wrazin/3rd Brenda Walden

64KG - 1st Nicki Bauer/2nd Leslie Esquivel

71KG - 1st Emily Brockett/2nd Kailee Wright/3rd Hannah George

76KG - 1st Jennifer Fields/2nd Adriann Romero

81KG - 1st Alex Behrend

87KG - 1st Brooke Ward/2nd Dalia Mellish/3rd Araeli Corona

+87KG - 1st Deb Hanscom/2nd Kelsey Schurr

67KG - 1st Derek Andreason

73KG - 1st Alec Hedlund/2nd Xzavier Perry

81KG - 1st James Petzke/2nd Jeff Templeton/3rd Kyle Young

89KG - 1st Jacob Cluff/2nd Chris Uberuaga/3rd James Penick

96KG - 1st Kevin Wexler/2nd Tyson Hymas/3rd Brandon Hill

102KG - 1st Daniel Turnbull

109KG - 1st David Church

+109KG - 1st Elijah McCollough/2nd Brandon Fischer/3rd Leon Samuels

For full results please click here . The Idaho LWC congratulates all of the athletes and coaches on a great meet today. As always, these competitions wouldn’t happen without the help of all our volunteers. Thank you for your support and giving of your time to the sport of weightlifting in Idaho.