In Praise of the Volunteer

Taking inspiration from a fellow TEDxBoise volunteer, Lisa Rodriguez, I decided to dedicate a blog post to celebrate National Volunteer Week starting on April 7th.  The Idaho LWC and all of the weightlifting competitions within their jurisdiction are completely run by volunteers.

Genesis Series.jpg

On April 27th at Snake River Crossfit in Nampa, The Genesis Series 2 will take place.  This will be the largest dual platform meet in Idaho LWC history, with 66 athletes competing in the second of a series of four meets in 2019, the culmination of which will be in November at the Genesis Finals where we will crown the Genesis Series Champions. 

The intent of the Genesis Series, different from the Genesis Invitational, which was a developmental meet, is to provide an opportunity for all age and weight categories to gain more platform experience across the year and give athletes an opportunity to experience competition like they would at a national meet right here in Idaho.  Similar to USAW’s American Open Series, athletes are able to accumulate points at each meet heading into the Genesis Finals. 

The Genesis Series helps promote the mission of the Idaho LWC.  Alison Ruoff, Event Director/Creator of the Genesis Series and Idaho LWC Board member, is passionate about these meets and has a larger vision for what she would like to accomplish for the sport of weightlifting in Idaho.  None of which would be possible without volunteers and/or the help of others. 

Goals and Vision of the Genesis Series:

1)      For Idaho athletes to have an amazing competition experience and walk away feeling strong, confident, and on fire for weightlifting.

2)     Generate revenue to provide equipment (new platform, plates, scales, etc.) for the LWC, scholarships/stipends to Idaho athletes who place in National events, scholarships for low income children to train, and large cash awards for placement in Idaho competitions.

3)     Give local athletes, the ones who may never qualify or go to a national meet, something to work for and to feel proud of their training and accomplishments.   

I have seen posts by Coach Nik Edens of Boise Barbell where he closes with “As we lift up one another, we also lift up ourselves.”  Volunteering and helping others is contagious.  These acts create a ripple effect in communities and allow great things to happen.  Harvard Medical School researchers found that “paying it forward” spreads by three degrees, ending up with a network of people doing good, totally unrelated to the first person. 

The Genesis Series needs your help.  Please volunteer.  All volunteers will be given a Snake River/Genesis 2 T-Shirt, lots of free food and beverages, and an opportunity to support and give to others in their weightlifting community.  You can sign up here.   


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