Idaho LWC to Restructure By-Laws

As the growth of the Idaho Local Weightlifting Committee continues at a rapid pace we are quickly outgrowing the original By-Laws.  Items that are in need of updating and clarification include the role of the positions on the Board of Directors as well as the roles of members, clubs, and the creation of additional committees.

Other items include finances, best practices in servicing the membership, and the organization of competitions. Of course none of these items are achievable without participation from the members themselves.  2017 is a watershed year as elections are scheduled for October and without the membership seeking active roles in the leadership of our LWC none of the goals of the organization can be attained.

Here is your opportunity. If you would like to be involved in the rewriting of the By-Laws of the Idaho LWC please respond to

Like taxes you have until April 15th to be involved in this historic event and help write the first chapter of the new book for the Idaho LWC.

Thank you,

Michael Conroy

Chair of the Idaho LWC