The Idaho LWC is pleased to announce Rylie Krahn as its next Featured Athlete.  This 15 year old holds 16 Idaho State Records in the Youth, Youth 14-15, and Junior divisions and is just coming off of an impressive performance at the State Championships going 57/70/127.  She placed 14th in the Crossfit Games in Madison, WI in August of this year.

Rylie has been weightlifting since November of 2016.  She was introduced to weightlifting through her training for Crossfit.  Her focus is Crossfit training but in the offseason she enjoys focusing on her weightlifting technique.  One of the things Rylie loves most about weightlifting is what it teaches you about patience, consistency, and being attentive to small details.  

Confidence in yourself is key, and surrounding yourself with people that believe in you and support you. I hope through my journey in the sport of weightlifting, as well as Crossfit, to inspire other girls to believe in themselves and their dreams and that anything is possible through hard work.
— Rylie Krahn

Rylie is a sophomore at Skyview High School and her previous sports experience was in Cross Country and Track and Field prior to finding Crossfit and Weightlifting.  Her favorite lift to train at the moment is the Snatch because that is where she is seeing the most progress.   

The Idaho LWC thinks Rylie embodies the qualities of a champion and we are proud of all she brings to the sport of weightlifting in Idaho.    




Snake River Weightlifting is located in Nampa, Idaho. 

Snake River Weightlifting is located in Nampa, Idaho.